Hi! I'm Juliet, and I am very fond of plants. At least, of plants you can eat; I tend to lose interest in the ones that are just there to be pretty.

I've been living in central London (Bermondsey) for seven years, and growing plants in pots for most of that time. I have an allotment a few minutes' walk away, where I never spend quite as much time as I'd like to.

I really, really want more people to start growing at least some of their own food. Even if you only have a couple of square feet of space, or a windowbox, you can stick a couple of herbs or some rocket in a little soil, or grow microgreens on a windowsill.
If you're interested in that, there will soon be a list of useful posts
here to help you get started. Till then, check out the tags in the sidebar.

If you want to get in touch with me, either comment on the blog, or check out my contact details here.